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Student Development Programme (Finishing Skills)

According to a latest survey of World Bank with FICCI & MHRD on Employability of graduates and Employer survey, states that 64% of employers are only somewhat satisfied or worse with the current engineering graduates skills. Employers consider Soft Skills (Core Employability Skills and Communication Skills) are the most important skills. Irrespective of the size of the company, the economic sector, or region, Soft Skills (integrity, reliability, teamwork and willingness to learn) remain the important ones.

Recent industry reports suggest that an average of nearly 60 million jobs will be created in India across industries in the next decade. The hiring net has widened. The need therefore, is to raise the bar and set new global benchmarks. The need is to equip the future leaders of today with skills that make them dynamic stakeholders of India's economic future. Of nearly 3 million graduates each year, only 20% are considered employable. Hence, the paradox - more job opportunities, more graduates and YET less skills.

In order to address the gap between campus to corporate, GROWTHMODE Finishing School offers a range of student development programs that are aimed at enhancing the employability skills of students and young graduates, thus preparing them to face the challenges and demands of the real world.

Student Development Programs is divided into 4 program categories

  • Better English for Professional Success
  • Personal Excellence Program
  • Step Up To Professional Excellence
  • Certificate Program in Executive Excellence

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